The Man who Makes Metal Burn

Mr. Tracy Dodson has been a teacher for 33 years, and, luckily, all of them have been here at Columbus High School. In his time here, Mr. Dodson has had to wear many different hats; Teacher, Mentor, Coach, Friend, Father, and Husband. Perhaps Mr. Dodson’s biggest contribution to CHS has been running the Skills USA program, leading many CHS students to state champions in as many fields.. In order to understand the true impact he has made on his students, I spoke to Cole Hottovy who has not only been his student, but one of Dodson’s many SkillsUSA state champions:


  • What is your most fond memory when it comes to Mr. Dodson?

    • Staying every day after school with him building projects ranging from fire globes, cedar drawers, wooden tables, and many, many more.


  • What will you miss most about him?

    • I will really miss his company and all the times he has made me laugh. Also I will miss his energy, and getting to work with him on projects.


  • Is there a life lesson he taught you that you will always remember?

    • Winning in a sports championship competition and a Skills USA gold has the same excitement, but the skills can be used for a lifetime.


  • What do his classes mean to you?

    • His classes were never a dull day, and if one of his students was slacking off on their phone, he would run over to him and take his phone and switch it out with his burner phone and chuck it against the wall.


  • What did he bring to the SkillsUSA team that was impactful?

    • Always motivating others to do their best and reach their potential.  He brought excitement and showed us how to be passionate in our work and always included everyone in the fun. 


CHS has been extremely lucky over the past 33 years to have the likes of Mr. Dodson pushing students past their comfort zones and creating magic in the skilled and technical sciences.  All of us here at Columbus High School thank Mr. Dodson for all of his hard work he has put in with students and the Impact he has made on our STEM courses. We wish him the best for all the years to come as he spends more time with his family, time to relax and time to make or work on whatever projects he pleases.

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