Smejkal Set To Sail Into Sunset: Ms. Smejkal to Retire from Columbus

Although she was just going to take a year off and later return to our wide eyes, Ms. Andrea Smejkal has decided to retire after a whopping 30 years of teaching! She will be greatly missed by staff and students alike, so let’s take a moment to look back on Ms. Smejkal’s career.  


After student teaching in York, Nebraska, Ms. Smejkal relocated 134 miles north to teach in Wausa, Nebraska. She taught there for 2 years and then moved to Columbus to finish out her teaching career. In Columbus, Smejkal enjoyed teaching classes like Accelerated Biology.  


Ms. Smejkal made too many memories as a teacher and as a coach. Along with that, she commented that, “There is something uniquely fulfilling about teaching future generations…. You see them show up wide-eyed, you push them, and watch them fail and succeed.” She continued on to say that her best fulfillment in life was her 30 year career as a teacher. 


This author wishes Ms. Smejkal an amazing retirement. Ms. Smejkal was a wonderful teacher and is destined to make an even more fabulous grandma. Ms. Smejkal was the positive reinforcement and caring teacher that is so appreciated in the education system today. She was always there to help and loved when you visited her. She wanted to hear about what was happening in your life and your sports seasons. Although she will be extremely missed, everyone at CHS Anchor News wishes Ms. Smejkal a long and relaxing retirement. 


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