Anime Vs Manga: Case for Anime


According to anime refers to a certain style of cartoons that are hand-drawn and computer-animated which originated in Japan. Anime has a distinct and very recognizable look compared to other types of animation such as cartoons.


Anime has the chance to flesh out the story and give it more depth to its characters, unlike manga. While “filler” or non-canonical episodes can sometimes slow an anime to a crawl, filler has the potential to create extraordinarily engaging storytelling.


Filler can either be good or bad, but it can also expand the story and give characters personal growth. Not only can filler help out the program, but anime producers can create entirely new episodes that weren’t seen in the manga that still tie into the source material.  Those episodes are called “anime exclusives.”  One example of these anime exclusives is an episode from DragonBall Z during the Majin Buu arc. In this episode, Goku shows Goten and Trunks the legendary Super Saiyan 3 form which never happened in the manga. Episodes like this can give a series more depth and even improve upon the source material. 


Music also creates a dramatic advantage for anime that manga could never dream of achieving. Death scenes and epic battles are that much more intense when a powerful key change or a minor note turn the whole mood of the program. It is much more difficult for manga to express the same kind of emotions because fans have to read it panel by panel instead of experiencing the moment. 


The definitive example of how music impacts anime can be seen at the beginning of just about any episode or movie. Anime openings have the tendency to get stuck in people’s heads because of how catchy it is. The music of the opening shows what type of show the audience is in for. 


Music in anime openings can express the overall mood and vibe to its story. An anime opening also displays the main cast and sets the tone of the story which brings newer fans of the genre. Whether it’s a sad scene or a wild battle music can certainly set the mood for any individual in the world of anime. 


Anime is known all over the world for its astonishing animation and breathtaking visuals which take a mangas story to a whole new level of entertainment. “My Hero Academia” is a perfect example of this because of its outstanding presentation in animation. 


“My Hero Academia’s fights scenes are fluid and chaotic and keep the audience at the edge of their seats not knowing what’s going to happen next. The fight scenes are not the only factor that plays into the greatness of “ My Hero Academia’s animation but as well its light-hearted and peaceful moments. The setting in the manga readers only see black and white but in the anime, the setting of the show is seen as a work of art with all of its bright colors or eerie atmosphere.


In the manga when All-Might fights the monstrous Nomu, the reader can see what’s happening, but in the anime, it’s a whole different experience. The music, sound effects, and stunning animation make it look like a masterpiece compared to the manga. The audience feels like they are part of the story and more engaged in it unlike the boring reading in the manga. 


To make a long story short, there are my reasons as to why anime is a much better and superior choice compared to manga. I know you’re convinced, but if you’re bored and want something else to read, TUNE IN TOMORROW when Saul Gomez-Vasquez will make an attempt to make manga seem superior to anime.


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