Basketball Teams On the Road to Greatness

Starting off the new year, both boy’s and girl’s basketball teams are really powering through the season. Both the teams have goals to improve this year and reach their goals before the season ends. The boy’s basketball coach, Mr. Hitchcock, says that their goals are to become “better basketball players every single day, as well as beat tier 2 and tier 3 class A teams.” They also hope to play at the District Final and reach the State Tournament. The girl’s coach, Mr. Schaefer, says that they too also have the same goals; they want to improve and be competitive at all levels. 


So far, the boy’s basketball team has been building towards that improvement, and they already have more wins than they did last year. Their skill level, execution, and belief is moving to where it needs to be in order to compete with teams in the top half of HAC. Hitchcock says that they had a few players with sprained ankles and others getting sick, but fortunately, COVID has not been as big of a problem as last year. While the team has had 3 wins and 7 losses, they are preserving through and trying their best to improve each day.


The boy’s basketball team isn’t the only team striving for greatness.  The girl’s Discoverer basketball team is trying their hardest as well. Coach Schaefer says that the freshmen have been doing quite well, junior varsity and varsity have shown improvement, but still face a few challenges competing against other ranked teams on the schedule. The players are practicing hard and do their best to execute. They had a minor setback in the HAC Tournament with a poor offense performance in the semifinals, but they did very well in the preliminary round. As of right now, COVID has not posed a threat towards the girl’s basketball season, but a team that does pose a threat as competition is Norfolk. Last weekend was the game to be at, where CHS competed against Lincoln East and Papio. Like the boy’s squad, the varsity girls have 3 wins and 7 losses; they are aiming to finish off the season strong and improve their skills.


Both basketball teams have been practicing and playing hard to put the Discoverers on the road to greatness. We wish good luck to both of the CHS basketball teams as they endure throughout the long season. For more information on sports and activities at CHS, follow CHS Anchor News on Fusfoo, Instagram, and Twitter.

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