¨Just Dance¨... Or Not

There are two nights in a girl’s life that she looks forward to from the time she is young. The first one is her wedding day, obviously. The second one is any form of a school dance. Both of these events have a few things in common. For example, big, sparkly dresses, heels, corsages, However, if you're anything like me, all the accouterment of school dances are overrated.  Luckily, the CHS Winter Formal recently switched to the CHS Winter INformal and has expanded beyond just a simple dance.


This special occasion will be held on Saturday, January 29, 2022, from 9 p.m. to midnight. Tickets are $8 apiece and will be sold during lunch periods from January 24-28. The best part? This “dance” has no theme! You don't even have to wear makeup or worry about looking nice; you can just come as you are.


While the Winter INformal used to be formal, CHS Student Council changed it because they wanted more people to come and enjoy themselves. Some people don’t want to spend a whole day getting ready for a three-hour dance with questionable music. Even if you don’t enjoy dancing, there will be many other activities with which you can occupy your time. For instance, there will be concessions for purchase, games, an obstacle course, possibly movies, and a raffle. 


Speaking of the raffle, winners can expect prizes ranging from a $300 50¨ tv, and a $300 Nintendo Switch. Throughout the night, gift cards of increasing value will also be given away. The total amount of money that can be given away through the prizes is a whopping $800! Just make sure you stay for the whole dance; all raffle winners must be present to win. 


This Winter Informal will be an electrifyingly compelling evening. If you want a few hours away from home with music, snacks, activities, and your friend, then this is the perfect chance for you. This won't be just a stereotypical dance, it will be an all-inclusive, thrilling night to remember for all CHS students


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