Dead People You Should Know: The Blood- Curdling Case of Lizzie Borden

Dead People You Should Know: The Blood-Curdling Case of Lizzie Borden


On July 1, 1860, a cold-blooded killer was born and you NEED to know who she is. The killer and dead person you should know is Lizzie Borden. 


Lizzie Borden was from a wealthy family with a terrifying history. She was from a small town in Massachusetts called Fall River. Coming from a small town, knowing many people could cause some terrible gossip about you or your family. Well, because the Borden family was wealthy in a small town, many people knew their family problems and stories. In 1865, three years after Lizzie’s birth mother died, her father married for the second time. While Lizzie was still grieving about her mother, the relationship between her and her father became dark and turned rough once the new stepmother was living in the house. Lizzie and her older sister Emma were on the same side about hating their father and their stepmother due to financial matters and the stepmother’s conniving personality.


On August 4, 1892, the family's stories and history were about to swing to the chilling and mysterious. On a beautiful, August day, Mr. Borden had a meeting later that morning around 11:15 a.m. He came home to take a nap thinking he was going to be alive later… he was then slashed in the head with an ax while laying on the couch. Shortly after, the stepmother’s body was discovered in the bedroom even more brutally attacked with the same ax that figured in Mr. Borden’s demise.


Now you may be wondering, why did Lizzie Borden kill her father and stepmother? It was said that Lizzie killed her father because she and her sister, Emma were in their 30s still living in the same house as the parents. Their father was a millionaire, and he was rich due to owning the biggest local bank and property. Well, Lizzie’s father was definitely not going to give Lizzie or Emma money for anything because he wanted it all for himself. When Mr. Borden was divvying property, none of it was going to his daughters. Lizzie killed her stepmother simply because she did not like her at all and did not refer to her as a mom.


The discovery of who had killed the Borden parents was hard to determine, but many in the town suspected that it was Lizzie due to the problems she was having with the new family situation. In June of 1893, Lizzie was arrested and tried for both of the murders but was acquitted. Lizzie then lived until 1927 where she died at the age of 66 years old.


Today, if you visit Fall River, Massachusetts, and see the Borden house, pictures that were taken, and THE ax that figures into the bloody affair. Whatever is beyond the depths of that house, it is very eery and still mysterious to this day. 


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