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In today's society, kids want to make money earlier in their lifetime. Unfortunately, being under sixteen comes with certain limitations such as, only being able to work eighteen hours a week


While most businesses do not usually hire 15-year-olds, some employers do make exceptions. McDonald's is one of them;  if you are hired, you would most presumably be a runner or be on the cash register. Running is when you run the food out to the customer. As you get older, you will get more privileges around the restaurant. McDonald’s offers many benefits such as free meals on break, meal discounts, tuition assistance, medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as many other benefits depending on your position. 


Another job that hires at 15 is Runza. If you are hired, you would be working drive-through as well as bussing tables. You would be able to work in the kitchen once you reach a certain age. Runza has many benefits such as a flexible schedule, half-priced meals (on & off duty), and paid time off. Runza looks for someone with a friendly, positive attitude and someone that loves to help and serve others. You can apply on the Runza website or 


Lastly, right now, Godfather’s is hiring 15-year-olds. If you are hired, you will either be in the back doing dishes and helping make the pizzas or will be upfront, running pizzas, taking phone orders, or running the cash register. Godfather offers half-priced food when on shift, and flexible schedules. You can apply inside at 770 33rd Ave, Columbus, NE 68601.


While not a lot of places hire fifteen-year-olds there are a few options. Follow anchor news on Twitter, Instagram, and Fusfoo. 

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