The New Omnicron Variant

In Southern Africa, a new variant of the Coronavirus has been discovered, represented by the greek letter of Omicron.


Cases of the Omicron variant have been found in four countries, including the United States of America. Scientists have stated that it seems like the variant has more mutations than what we’re used to, and may be more able to evade our bodies' natural virus elimination system.


World Leaders have been placing more travel restrictions following the discovery of the variant, and some have said that they may have to go back into lockdown depending on how infectious the variant is, and how fast it spreads.


President Joe Biden has made a statement that the variant is ”A cause for concern, but not a cause for panic.” He told Americans that “We have more tools to fight the variant than ever before.”


Along with that statement from President Biden, the Chief Executive of Pfizer Albert Bourla has said that a fourth booster might be needed, to specifically target the Omicron, around 12 months after the third shot.


Around 40 Americans have tested positive for the variant, so it may be necessary for people to get the booster shot sooner than expected, we must wait for further information before we as a nation make a decision.


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