Cornell Softball

Want to join the softball team, well I have a few reasons why you should follow through with it. If you have never played before that's okay because we are here to help you. Jada and I have a good season planned out for the girls who are willing to play softball. Jada and I have been trying to get our pitching and catching under control before the actual season begins. Jada and I are the most experienced on the team, and we are willing to help out in any way we can. Jada and I’s sophomore year got canceled because of Covid 19. We both were very devastated, so this year is why we are taking our sport to heart.

I have been playing softball for about nine years now and I have been pitching for about three3 years. My three years of playing softball for Cornell have been very exciting for me. My freshman year playing was stressful at first because it was hard to find girls who would want to play. Coach Sacco had made a statement saying, “if you don’t have enough players by the beginning of the season I am going to have to cancel the season for this year and for the next two years.” I was very devastated because that meant that I wasn't going to be able to play until my senior year. Jada and I went around our grade and convinced our friends to play with us and they enjoyed it and played for years after.

Jada has been playing softball since she was eight years old and has been a catcher ever since.  Jada and I have played with each other for a long time even before school ball came around. Jada has shown her love and passion for this sport by still finding time to practice pitching with me, even though she has cheerleading practice every day. Jada’s passion for softball is amazing, even with her juggling multiple sports at a time she still shows us how much she loves to be a part of softball.

Jada and I plan on trying to get our Cornell softball team to the playoffs. Last year we were only one game away from qualifying for the playoffs. We were very devastated but also happy because that was the only time in our life we made it that far. This year's season is going to be a lot better than last year. We are going to have a positive attitude the whole season. Jada and I are excited to bring back the love for softball to Cornell High School.


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