Trick or Treat in Cori

Coraopolis, PA - It’s that time of year when the children of Coraopolis put on their quirky costumes and go Trick or Treating. Halloween this year lands on Sunday, October 31, but trick or treating is on Thursday, October 28. For a reason unknown, Coraopolis has always had the tradition of having trick or treating for the kids the Thursday before October 31, the official date of Halloween. This year, students of Cornell are lucky enough to have the day off Friday, which is a teacher-in-service day, to enjoy all of their candy at home.


With an ongoing pandemic, it is still urged for trick or treaters to still follow COVID-19 guidelines to stay as safe as possible. Since vaccines are still unavailable to children 12 and younger, it is recommended that children should still wear masks over their nose and mouth and social distance. Although, with the weather being between 50° to 60° around 6 pm tomorrow, a mask might be pleasant to keep your face warm!


Keeping the weather in mind, trick or treaters should make sure they have warm layers under or on top of costumes. Wearing too many layers is better than wearing none, especially during a windy fall night. It would be best to wear a good pair of tennis shoes to trek the steep hills the town consists of. Seeing as Coraopolis is full of hills, it would be best to keep what shoes you are wearing in mind.


If you plan on trick or treating this year, make sure you stay safe and go in a little group. Something to keep in mind, there is a haunted house every year at the corner of Hiland and the Maple Street exit, it’s sure to give you a good scare as well as a reward at the end!

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