Trick - or - COVID

Coraopolis, PA-  In the past year, kids have had to pause their childhood due to the covid pandemic. No sports, online school, and normal everyday activities have had to be paused. Not just kids, but everyone, has been trapped inside the house for over a year. 


This year, things have started to open up. This means kids are allowed to enjoy themselves and have a trick-or-treat. Why is this important? Kids for the past year have been trapped inside their houses. No physical activities, no physical interaction between other kids, and no school has deteriorated kids' brains. They’ve been attached to a screen for either school or zoom classes for other activities.  Trick or treating is the perfect opportunity for not only allowing kids to converse with other people but also allowing them to dress up and enjoy themselves for one night. Not only that, but they get to sugar up which is the most important part of trick or treating.


I'm positive everyone is excited about the world starting to regain normalcy. Concerts are starting to happen, seniors in high school are able to do everything, people are able to begin working again, and a lot more is happening. Kids are the most important. They are in the middle of developing. When they are sitting there and looking at a computer screen all day with no physical interactions, their brains are not going to be able to process everything correctly. 


Trick or treat is the perfect way to start off the opening of our world! 

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