The Big Game

Coraopolis, PA - On Friday, October 15, 2021,  the Cornell Raiders versus their biggest rival, the Rochester Rams.  Last year, the Rochester Rams beat the Cornell Raiders with a score of 35-7. Cornell is looking to dethrone the Rams. The Raiders and the Rams both have an overall record of 5-1.


Early before the game, I interviewed Coach Edward Dawson. I asked him a few questions about his thoughts and feelings towards the big game. Coach stated, “I’m excited”, and he mentioned “I hope they perform at their optimal level, and everyone does well and doesn't get too nervous. Have fun playing tonight.”


In the first quarter with 11:40 left on the clock, Timmy Henderson (8) scores an 80-yard Raiders touchdown. 


Cornell gets a stop on Rochester's first offensive which makes a turnover and Cornell gets the ball on the 39. 

  • Cornell punts in the 1st quarter with 9:48 on the clock.
  • Rochester with a pickup with 8:08 in the 1st quarter.
  • Rochester picks up 20; Rochester fumbles but recovers the ball.
  • Rochester broke free for a 57- yard touchdown to tie the score at 7-7.
  • Rochester’s running back Sal- Laure fan for 117 yards rushing on 21 carries.
  • Timmy Henderson (8) took the opening kick-off back at the end of the third quarter, now making the score 14-7. 

The Cornell Raiders dethroned the Rochester Rams on their homecoming night. The final score of the game was 14-7. Making the Cornell Raiders record 6-0. The Rochester Rams have a record of 5-2. The Cornell Raiders did a wonderful job coming out on top. 


I interviewed Coach Dawson after the game. Coach Dawson mentioned that he was very excited to see everyone who came out to support the Raiders. I asked Coach Dawson how he thought the boys performed and he responded with ``We did enough to win and fight through adversity which is good.”


Coach Dawson also mentioned that ¨ There were a lot of things we could have done better, but that is every week.¨




Coach Dawson specified that he is always proud of the boys, every day they show up I’m proud, just putting in the effort and showing that they are committed to playing and being there for the team.

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