Dead People You Should Know: Cameron Boyce

Cameron Boyce was an American actor who was loved by many fans, friends, and family for many reasons.  He was kind, caring, humorous, and dedicated to acting and charity work. His bubbly personality and incredible talent makes him someone you should know. He started acting at the age of 8 and acted in multiple shows, movies, and even a soap opera. While he was most known for his characters in Disney content such as the show “Jessie”, and the “Descendents” franchise, he is someone who deserves to be known for much more.


Cameron Boyce was born on May 28, 1999, to Victor and Libby Boyce. He has one other sibling, Maya Boyce, who is also an actress. He had his first epileptic seizure when he was 16 during his sleep. He had five more throughout his life.  According to CNN, his very first acting role was in a music video by Panic! at the Disco, for the song “That Green Gentleman (Things have changed)” as young Ryan Ross, one of the guitarists for the band. He also starred in the soap opera General Hospital: Night Shift, playing Michael “Stone” Cates Jr. for seven episodes. 


While he was still quite young his acting career took off, on September 30, 2011, the show “Jessie” premiered on Disney Channel. He is most known for playing the character Luke Ross, one of the main characters of the show. After the show ended around 4 years later, he took on another role for the “Descendants” franchise, starring as Carlos De Vil, one of the main protagonists of the Disney films. Other acting roles he had were playing the main character’s son in both the movies “Grown Ups” and “Grown Ups 2”.    


The young, talented actor won many awards including the Young Artist Award, a Daytime Emmy, and a Pioneering Spirit Award at the Thirst Gala. Outside of acting, Boyce was a humanitarian and had dedicated himself to charity work in recent years. He raised $30,000 to help build wells for sanitary drinking water in Switzerland. He had several more projects in the works before he died, but, while he might not be there to witness the success of his projects, his family is finishing off what he started. One of his projects is the Cameron Boyce Foundation which is dedicated to helping reduce gun violence and curing epilepsy.


On July 6, 2019, Cameron Boyce died from an epileptic seizure due to an ongoing medical condition; he passed away during his sleep. The last film he acted in was the movie Runt, playing the main character, Cal. The movie was released this year on October 1, 2021. His death was a tragic loss and left many heavy hearts from his fans, friends, and family. His legacy is carried on by his friends and family, the content he acted in, and the charity projects he started to benefit people all around the world. 


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