She Said/ She Said : Trick or Treating Over 12

She Said/ She Said: Trick or Treating Over 12

Do you know one of the biggest joys in a young child's life? Trick or Treating. If it is fun for young kids, why can't it be fun for older kids, too? Some people say that Trick or Treating is only for kids 11 and under. I think it can also be for kids 12 and up. 


Halloween is the one night of the year where anyone can be anyone or anything they want. Why should there be an age limit on it?  Kids 12 and up (within reason) should be able to Trick or Treat. Now, I am not saying that there should be NO age limit. A 30-year-old trick or treating might freak out some older kids and parents. However, anyone 12-18 should be allowed to trick or treat without judgment.


Trick or treating is a great wholesome activity. It practices many social skills that older kids can use later on in their lives. Being able to walk up to someone's door and talk to a complete stranger, is a skill that is lost in the cellphone generation.  Someday these younglings might need help finding an address or assistance navigating public transportation wherein the kindness of strangers will greatly benefit them.  It will help with manners, humility, efficiency and patience.


Trick or treating is a good distraction, regardless of your age. Even for parents, it is a distraction. Parents have to get the costumes, help their kids get ready and then drive them house to house until there is no longer a porch light within a mile 3-mile radius. Just that time alone is a distraction. Parents don't always get as much time with their kids as they would like. Trick or Treating provides them with this opportunity. 


Continuing, trick or treating is a bonding experience. It might involve getting scared, walking around in a worn-down costume all night, or even just walking with friends going door to door with them. It is a bonding experience because, for one night every year, you can be with your chums. Candy is more or less a bonus.


In summary, there are many reasons why there should be no age limit on trick or treating, and it's obvious why children ages 12-18  should be allowed to trick or treat. While there should be a reasonable age limit for people 19 and up, youngsters 18 and younger should be able to trick or treat for as long as they please. Who are we to take that away from them?  


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