Boy's Tennis Update

The boy’s tennis team has been working hard this season. Despite challenges due to weather, and the COVID 19 pandemic the outlook on the season continues to be positive for players and coaches alike.


Coach Scott Bethune, head of the Boy’s Tennis team, kept teambuilding and future success as the main motivators for his goals this season. He exclaims that his main goal for the season was for some new varsity players to gain more experience and improve as the season went on.


Despite the COVID 19 pandemic’s far-reaching impacts, as well as the weather CHS Boys Tennis has navigated their way through the pandemic with minimal hold-ups.  Bethune mentioned,  “When we went to Lincoln we had to wear a mask indoors.  Other than that everything has been normal.” While not absent, the COVID impact was certainly minimal. Bethune also stated they have had a few postponements due to weather but nothing too big.


The last game for the JV team was October 9th, 2021 and the last game for the Varsity team was October 14th, 2021. Overall their season was a good one. And they hope that their next season will be even better.  This season has been one of the best seasons for boys’ tennis. For more information follow Anchor news on fusfoo, Twitter, or Instagram.

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