JV Softball Seeks to Improve as Team, Individuals

This year at CHS, the junior varsity softball team has been powering through these past few weeks. The softball players have been working hard towards making this year’s season the best it can be. With a supportive coach such as Coach Hunt and dedicated players like Jaylen Spencer, the softball team is poised for a monumental season.


Jaylen Spencer, a talented, dedicated softball player says that while learning a sport such as softball may seem easy, it is difficult to play. These goal-oriented athletes play softball every day, be it in practice, games, or tournaments. Spencer goes on to say she enjoys playing the sport and hopes to grow, not just as an individual, but as a team as well. 


Coach Hunt says that their goals are to grow, have fun, and win going at it. She says she hopes to see the team’s skills improve so that next season they are ready for varsity, physically and mentally. She says that they haven’t faced any setbacks aside from a few challenges with quick and heavy travel, but, thankfully, COVID has not affected the softball team as much this year. The team was able to have full practices and competition with little interruption. 


The JV softball team has around 13 wins and 15 losses and 1 tie as of September 30. Coach Hunt says that the farthest they have ever traveled for a game is usually Lincoln or Omaha, Nebraska. She says they don’t travel far but they do travel very often. The softball team has had a great start to this year’s season, they had a bit of a struggle trying to keep up the stamina as the season went on, but are still managing to power through as they finish off the season. 


Needless to say, the softball team has strived for greatness this season! For more information on the sports events taking place at CHS make sure to follow the CHS Anchor News on Fusfoo, Twitter, and Instagram.

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