Racism Awareness

School can be hard for everyone. Hardships are only multiplied when students and staff have to combat the sad reality of racism. Unfortunately, the causes and effects of racism go far deeper than people outside the school system might expect. 


First and foremost, students can have a great impact on their classmates, whether good or bad. Dealing with racism is very tough. Sometimes students have a difficult time understanding such a bias and can lose control of their emotions as a result. Leaving these feelings unmanaged can lead individuals to depression, anger, and, in some cases, violence.


However, some students stay quiet because they are afraid or not sure if they should speak up about such occurrences. They question themselves often enough to cause what is commonly referred to as “analysis paralysis.”  The thoughts and fears of an individual can weigh so heavy in their minds that action is simply unattainable. That can be a problem in the future for individuals. If they keep questioning themselves and don’t work on combating situations like this, these students will be needing a lot of help in the future. 


Luckily, there is still hope for schools. Many students are hard at work being inclusive at their lunch tables, speaking against racist or inappropriate jokes, and standing up for others. Hopefully, the people who are behaving in this manner and making great choices can show others a good way to stand up for themselves and for others. 


Overall, everyone should be aware and acknowledge that racism still exists. We all should also understand how much racism can affect the struggles felt by students in and out of the school building. If you notice someone doing the right thing, make sure to acknowledge and appreciate them for their effort. 


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