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Behind the scenes is a common expression used to describe people who don't seem to get enough credit. While this phrase can be used in a variety of fields, “behind the scenes” originated with people backstage in the theatres - building scenery, hanging lights, and making the invisible magic of the show possible.  


At Columbus High School, the theatre tech crew meets four times a week to bring forth that same magic. Despite the mounting pressure of the upcoming musical, “The Bakers Wife,” this year's tech crew was willing to provide a glimpse into the busy, yet rewarding work they do for each production. 


CHS Theatre Tech meets to build props and sets for the fall musicals and winter plays. Technical Director Sean McDonald says, “the students use many kinds of tools when building these sets - everything from hammers to routers and power saws.”  


This year’s musical takes place in a small, French town in 1935, In order to establish a more realistic setting, the CHS Art Club will be contributing a huge painted canvas to establish the ambiance of a quaint village. Art Club is excited to unleash their creativity and skills for this canvas. There is no doubt that the canvas will look amazing in the end when the Club is finished with it.


Other set pieces present their own unique challenges.  However, McDonald is quick to note, “The set has to look good from 40 feet away and only has to last a week.”  Though that threshold may seem low, the difficulty of making every measurement exact and getting all the pieces have to fit together remains. Some bigger pieces in this year’s show include a bakery, an outdoor café, and a few lighting features McDonald is less than forthcoming about.  He adds, “You’ll have to come to the show to see what I mean.”


“The Baker’s Wife” will start on Friday, November 5th at 7:00 PM and conclude on Saturday, November 6th with shows at 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM.  All performances will take place at Columbus middle school on the Nantke auditorium stage.


Clearly, the experience of the whole show is sure to be amazing. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for when tickets go on sale.  For future updates about the musical and other CHS theatrical productions, follow Anchor News on Twitter, Instagram, and Fusfoo.

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