Volleyball Preview

This year’s volleyball season is off to a great start at CHS! Coach Otten is very pleased with the team’s performance in the face of this year’s new COVID precautions.  After a  3-2 start, the team hopes to end their season in the higher seeds of this year’s district tournament.


Since volleyball season has started, the team has been especially cautious in the face of rising COVID cases across the state. The pandemic has mainly affected how the team plays. When traveling to other schools for games, the volleyball team has to not only follow our COVID precautions but also the other school’s rules as well, such as mask mandates. The team has had to adapt and make multiple changes to comply with the school’s and health district’s regulations. 


Despite changes to travel arrangements, many of the precautions the Discoverers are taking are the same ones other Discoverers are taking in the classroom and throughout the building.  Recently though, an unlucky stretch of illnesses has put the team in a tougher situation than usual, specifically at this point in the season. Coach Otten is hopeful that the players will get better soon and be back on the volleyball court as soon as possible.


All in all, even though COVID has made a few changes to the sport this year, the volleyball team has adapted and is poised to make this season great! They have taken precautions to protect players from sickness, and despite a few hiccups, they are determined to achieve their goals for this year. To their advantage, the beginning of this season has gone very well so far!


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