Creators You Should Know: Dennis O'Neil

Dennis O’Neil was an outstanding comic book writer and editor. He changed the comic book industry forever by integrating social issues like pollution and drug abuse in his stories. His most notable work was his contribution to Batman stories, bringing the character back to his roots and establishing the gritty vigilante loved the world over.  But who was this man?  Anchor News is happy to announce a new feature:  'Creators You Should Know.'      


Early life 

O'Neil was born on May 3, 1939 in St Louis, Missouri, the same month and year that Bob Kane and Bill Finger introduced Batman to comic book audiences. O'Neil's father owned a grocery store and his mother was a homeworker. Growing up, a young O'Neil was a huge fan of Superman comics and radio programs. While O'Neil started to lose interest in comic books after he graduated from Saint Louis University, an internship with a comic book legend would soon change his perceptions of the art form. 


Comic writer

O’Neil started his career at Marvel in the 60s, working with comic book megastar Stan Lee in the process.  While O’Neil enjoyed working on Marvel’s more grounded characters like Spiderman, when the chance to work on Batman for Detective Comics (DC) opened the following decade, O’Neil jumped at the opportunity.


During the 60s, Batman was much more of a comedic character than the ‘Dark Knight’ we know today, The ‘Batman’ television program starring Adam West made the Caped Crusader a very goofy, campy character.  O’Neil made it his mission to bring Batman back to his dark origins of the early 1930.


To bring Batman back into the darkness, O’Neil and artist Neal Adams modernized the character for the newer generation. They started by changing his look. Neal Adam drew Batman with longer ears and a longer cape. While the new image of Bruce Wayne gave readers a dark, new look, O’Neil’s stories were able to create tension with the character that comic book fans had never seen before.  


This change was a success for readers who wanted more of this Batman.  O’Neil made more striking changes to the stories such as removing Robin, reviving old characters like Two-Face, and turning the Joker from a funny prankster to a complete psychopath. O’Neil didn’t just change old characters; he also brought his ideas to the mythology of Batman that would impact the series for generations.


Perhaps O’Neil’s most impactful addition was a new villain called Ra’s Al Ghul, a man who has lived for centuries, leading a criminal organization called the ‘League of Assassins.’ O’Neil also added more lore and mystery when he created the infamous psychiatric hospital ‘Arkham Asylum’ to house Batman’s rogues’ gallery. 


Throughout the decades, O’Neil would jump back and forth between DC and Marvel. His most well-known work at Marvel was his contribution to the Iron Man series. Being adept at humanizing superhumans, O’Neil set Tony Stark against one of his toughest opponents yet:  alcoholism.  The “Demon in a Bottle” arc ended up winning a 1980 Eagle Award for its “clever” writing and “distinguished” artwork.  “Iron Man” film director Jon Favreau praised the story as being essential to “who (Iron Man) is.”


Impact on the industry

O’Neil and Adams brought in a new level of maturity into the comics industry. In 1970, O’ Neil and Adams also created a comic book series that tackled issues such as racism, drug addiction, and their environment.  Both were civil rights activists and fought for social change in this period of time. O’Neil and Adams were the catalysts to perhaps the most progressive era in comic book history.



O’Neil sadly died on June 11th, 2020. Dennis O’Neil is one of the most influential writers in comics history. Without Dennis O’Neil, Batman would still be a comedic hero instead of the dark, yet somehow relatable vigilante we know today. Dennis O’Neil will forever be remembered as the man who modernized Batman and sparked a beginning of a new era of comic books.


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