WE SAID: Perfect Picnic Food

With another year of Anchor News wrapping up, our thoughts have turned to the fun summer has in store for each of us.  One summer staple we all agreed on is the fun of an outdoor picnic.  While we all agree on the enjoyment a picnic can have in store, one item that was a bit more contentious was what to serve at this picnic.  Rather than arguing, we thought there would be no better way to end our year than to write a collective “WE SAID” article arguing for our favorite picnic foods.  We hope our selections inspire you to get outside with some close friends and family this summer and relish each others’ company amidst a spread of superb summer snacks.


Bon appetit! 


Fried Chicken - Mason

When people think of picnics, they often think of side dishes like potato salad and macaroni salad. However many people often forget the crucial main dishes that can make or break the picnicking experience.


Fried chicken is the perfect combination of a crispy outside and a smooth, juicy inside. It is perfect for a nice spring day in May. The taste of fried chicken along with the other magnificent tastes of the side dishes perfectly compliment each other. The tender chicken also provides a great source of protein that will help you feel strong and energized. Fried chicken provides the substance of the picnic and is the item that will really leave people full and happy. This dish also provides a perfect segue into a dessert of cheesecake or other delicious items. 


In conclusion, fried chicken is simply a necessity at any legitimate picnic. Though other sides are commonly seen as superior picnic foods, these dishes would not be near as appealing without the support of a strong main dish like fried chicken. 


Roast Beef Sandwich - Olivya

When having a picnic some tasteful foods to bring are fruits, vegetables, tangy drinks, or even desserts, but how about a roast beef sandwich?  A potluck picnic cannot be completed without an appetizing roast beef sandwich that so many people can enjoy. 


A roast beef sandwich can always make a potluck picnic better. Not only is roast beef one of the safest choices to make amongst cold cuts to enjoy on a calming, breezy day, but some people can find a roast beef sandwich robust. Although a roast beef sandwich might not always be the way to go for everyone, but it definitely can be filling and savory. In addition, you may even add a slice of cheese, vegetables, or even sauces to the sandwich to give it more zip to appreciate. 


In closing, I believe that you should consider filling your picnic bag with mouth watering roast beef sandwiches that can be a delicious food and the staple of the picnic.  


PB&J - Julia

Picture this: the sun is shining down and there’s a gentle breeze blowing in the wind. You and your family decide to go on a picnic. One of the best simple foods to include is a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich (PB&J). A PB&J sandwich is not too messy, or too “little kid” to always be enjoyed. 


A peanut butter and jelly sandwich can be made in various ways, but I personally enjoy the sandwich when it is cut into triangles. The triangles help to prevent messes and reduce the worry that little Tommy might spill jelly on his shirt. In addition, a PB&J is a very cost effective meal leaving plenty of leftovers for later! A PB&J is also a great addition because there is no need to drag around many ice packs to keep the food cold.


Next time that you decide to go on a picnic with the family, be sure not to forget the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This is a very simple meal that can always be enjoyed by anyone of any age!


Orange Fluff - Liz

Growing up, my mom always made orange fluff for any summer family gathering. Gatherings were not complete without her orange fluff. If for some reason she didn’t make any people would ask where it was. 


Orange fluff is a mixture of mandarin oranges, orange jello, and tapioca pudding. The oranges make you wonder if it is a side, and the pudding makes you think it is a dessert. The best part about it, however, is that it can be both! It is very popular with my family and can be found on everyone's plate. The only downside to this dessert is that there are rarely any leftovers for us to take home and enjoy in the days following.


For these reasons, my mom's iconic orange fluff is required at any summer picnic!  


Spaghetti Salad - Kaileigh

Deciding what to bring to a picnic can be a very difficult task. Although there are many options, one overlooked addition  is a spaghetti salad! You will surely impress friends and family with this quick and tasty meal. With only spaghetti noodles, salad dressing and any salad toppings you desire, this meal will be perfect to bring to your potluck picnic. There is nothing better than enjoying this meal on a perfectly breezy, summer day! The best part about this meal is that it can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Spaghetti salad is the perfect way to go for a potluck picnic option! 


Chips and Dip - Alondra

It’s almost summer! That means swimming, tanning, fireworks, and picnics! Some people might wonder, “hmm, what can I pack for this picnic?” There is no need to fear, I have one of the best foods you can pack for your summer picnics! 


Chips and dip is one of the most versatile sides you can pack for your picnic. There are veggie dips, cheese dips, and just good ole’ chips and salsa. Personally, one of my favorite dips is spinach and artichoke dip! It is creamy, savory, and overall tastes like heaven. Not to mention, chips and dip can be for everyone! Whether you are vegan or not, there is something for everyone when it comes to this food. 


Next, chips and dip are so easy to make. You can follow an easy recipe online. Ways of making chips and dip range from baking it in the oven to letting it cool in the refrigerator. You can even come up with a new dip for you and your friends to try which can make eating it that much more fun and yummy. I think an additional plus is that chips and dip are so easy to pack. All you need is any type of chips you would like, and tupperware to pack your dip in. 


Overall, chips and dip is the easiest and most delicious side or even main course you can have for your summer picnics! Have fun making your chips and dip and enjoy your summer 2021! 


Cheese Plate - Benit

What’s a picnic without variety? It’s no picnic at all. A cheese platter instantly completes any outdoor gathering, especially picnics. The platter’s variety of cheese, fruits, meats and sauces will have you salivating and begging for more.


Meaty staples like salami and prosciutto go well with mozzarella. Which is just one of the cheeses. Other cheeses include cheddar, gorgonzola, and goat. 


Before you get too filled up on sharp and salty, don’t forget the sweet and savory! Apples, grapes, wild berries, and honey are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. While pickles, olives, roasted peppers and artichokes will please savory taste buds.


Don’t let the naysayers discourage you from mixing and matching the items on this tray. Go crazy with the sweet, sour and salty items. Combine the meat and the fruits with the barbecue sauce. The plate is your limit. 


Veggie Platter - Libby

When going to a picnic, you can always rely on having food there! While many look forward to the entrees or the deserts, some foods get overlooked. Like a misunderstood wallflower, the veggie platter is still necessary to have at a picnic. 


A staple to all social gatherings, the veggie platter caters to everyone’s veggie snack cravings. whether it be carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, celery, or the carton of ranch in the center, the veggie platter allows you to grab the veggies you love while avoiding those you hate. Not only that, but since the veggie platter is stereotyped as the outcast, there will always be 99.9% guarantee that it can be brought home for leftovers. 


Overall despite it being an underwhelming and less exciting dish to bring to a picnic, the veggie platter is a staple to the picnic that caters to the picnickers’ veggie favs!


Potato Salad - Mac

When people think of America, three items come to mind: Mom, Baseball, and Apple Pie.  While the patriotic nature of these items is undeniable, a very close fourth place contender would have to be potato salad.  Simply put, the perfect potluck picnic cannot be achieved without the presence of potato salad. 


Though some may contend this stance goes beyond the merits of such familiar fare, the values of potato salad speak volumes for its inclusion at the perfect potluck.  A well-chilled potato salad can be a refreshing addition to any meal.  Granted, potato salad certainly isn’t the only dish to offer cooling relief from fresh-off-the-grill hamburgers or hotdogs, but it is far and away the most filling dish that combines this glacial temperature with the tangy zip of mayonnaise or the subtle kick of mustard.  These substantial spuds are just the sustenance to keep you satisfied until breakfast the following day.


All in all, the tale of the tape tells you everything you need to know about these tremendous tubers.  Whether consumed for its frosty temperature, its unique flavors, or its caloric longevity, a picnic is no picnic until you show me potato salad!


Pie - Jasmin

When you think about warm weather, one of the first things that come to mind is sweet fruit. With this warm weather comes being outside and having picnics. Fruit pies are essential for a picnic because it is the right amount of sweetness in a yummy dessert. The nicely packed fruity toppings on a crisp, flaky dough is a great addition after all the side dishes. Pie is one of the most basic foods, and with that comes bad stereotypes. Fruit pies can be made to fulfill your sweet dreams. Whether you enjoy fruits, creamy pies, or a simple cobbler or crisp, there is something for everybody.


Cheesecake - Jessica

A picnic cannot be a picnic without the desserts! You can bring brownies, cookies, cake, or pies, but the best dessert of all is cheesecake! Cheesecake is the dessert that is perfect for all occasions and is not to be overlooked while you are planning the perfect picnic. 


Cheesecake is delicious and perfect to take on the go in a picnic basket. It has a smooth, buttery taste while also being light and airy. The sweet, luscious, delicious and slightly tangy filling compliments the crunchy graham cracker crust perfectly. Although some people prefer main dishes to this delicious dessert, main dishes are not as satisfyingly sweet or refreshing compared to cheesecake. Most main dishes are warm, which makes them sit heavy and be unsatisfying on a warm summer day. The chilled cheesecake with frosty whipped topping cools you down during a hot, sweaty summer picnic. 


All things considered, cheesecake is a necessity for every picnic. Not only is the taste to die for, but it is a cooling dessert perfect for a hot summer day. Next time you attend a picnic, skip past all the gross main dishes and head straight to the cheesecake!


Lemonade - Isaiah

One of the best contributions to every picnic is a nice glass of lemonade. Nothing is better after eating fried chicken or a fresh salad than to wash it down with a tasty and satisfying drink. Lemonade is also easy to make with most recipes simply calling for lemon juice, water, and sugar. This makes lemonade a great carry-along for any picnic. The bold flavor of the natural lemonade goes great together with any type of food and can really help cool you down on a warm day. This makes lemonade not only a worthy contender for the best picnic food but great for any kind of occasion. 

To close, we’d like to thank everybody for reading and watching this year, and hope you choose to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @chsanchornews.  We hope to see you back next year and wish you nothing but safety and happiness for the summer ahead!

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