Ending the School Year Discoverer Strong

The end of the school year is upon us! For most people, that means it is time to start checking out, but the end of the school year is just as important as the beginning. Lucky for you, I have some insight on how to make the end of this school year the best month, academically, of the 2020-2021 school year. 


  1. Start by looking at the big picture. How will the last month of this school year affect your major goals? How will they affect you next school year? Will you have to retake a class next year? It might seem crazy to be thinking about your future being dependent upon your grades, but just thinking about how your parents will react when you come home with a couple Fs on your report card might be inspiration enough to get you working. 


  1. Once you’ve considered the big picture, you should set some goals to be stepping stones en route to that big picture. How do you want to do on your finals? How do you want your grades to look? It is never too late to try and get some of your grades up.  Just talk to your teachers; they want to see you succeed! 


  1. If you get on track and find out that you have a lot of work to catch-up on, try to get organized. Invest in a planner in which you can write your homework and test dates. 


  1. If you need a little inspiration to get you working, talk to your parents and friends and make plans for the summer. If you know that your family is going on an end of the school year trip, that might make you want to work harder. It also might help to make the end of the school year move faster. 


  1. Stay positive. With a negative mindset, you are not going to get any good work done. Staying positive this year with COVID and a ton of homework on top of that can be really hard.  The workload is not impossible.  Just embrace the fact that the work needs to be done and work on it in chunks.


  1. Plans for the summer might not be reward enough. After you finish a couple assignments, take a break. Make a plan to help make studying less painful. Since it is nice outside, you could go on a walk or toss a football around. 


  1.  Don’t use a break as a chance to avoid responsibilities. Set a time limit that you can be on your phone. Avoiding your work will make going back to work hard. 


  1. Above all else, take care of yourself. If the stress of finals and other activities becomes too much, talk to your teachers. Tell them what is wrong and they might be able to work with you, but keep in mind that they are incharge and what they say goes. If you get to take a day off come back ready to get back to work. 


Finish this school year out strong! If you need inspiration to work hard at any point in the school year, feel free to come back to this article to get a little push. Good luck on your finals!


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This is my first year on the Anchor News team and I am so excited. Along with Newspaper, I am involved in Marching Band and Swim Team. I love cows, especially fluffy cows. My favorite thing to do is watch movies in my bed, in the dark, alone, on Friday nights. My favorite food is spaghetti, so during swim season that is very handy because I can carb load like no one's business. I hate bats and can't even look at them without cringing. One thing I want to do someday is go to Greece and live out my Mamma Mia and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants fantasies.   

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