Me Said : I Said The Case of "Tangled" VS "Frozen"

Although ‘Frozen Fever’ took the Disney world by storm, the real movie to watch is Tangled. Tangled is the most overshadowed Disney princess movie yet, all due to Frozen’s ‘new princess twist.’ In my opinion, one should “Let it Go,” forget Frozen and pop Tangled back in the DVD player. 


To begin, Tangled has the cute romance story that everyone wants to see. Disney is known for their beautiful Disney couples and romances, and Tangled did not disappoint. To see a shy, introverted, quirky girl fall for the mysterious bad boy filled the audience with joy. Although the love story can be seen as cliché, Tangled offers a unique twist by being the first ever Disney princess movie wherein the princess strikes her future-beau with a frying pan before falling for him.  How can something so unique be considered cliché?  That’s oxymoronic.  Aside from the originality of the love story, Tangled is not completely based around the romantic prospects of its leading characters. It is about connecting Rapunzel back with her roots and discovering herself. Does that sound familiar to the story of a more overrated Disney princess? Tangled is a moving story about a young woman who struggles to find out about her past due to an overprotective, and self-serving mother. It is only a bonus that she also finds her soulmate along the way. 


Hand-in-hand with that, Tangled has one of the best villains ever. Disney villains are stereotyped as strong, mean, and powerful.  However, Mother Gothel is nothing like that. She is a weak old lady who can only survive if she sings to hair. It is an absolute spin on the typical villain. Mother Gothel is absolutely malicious by not only kidnapping Rapunzel, but in convincing Rapunzel that Mother Gothel is her true mother - manipulating Rapunzel into using her hair to help the old jade stay young forever. Mother Gothel has misled Rapunzul into believing the world is an awful, scary, and horrendous place. Mother Gothel is a tricky and deceiving villain that preys on vulnerability and weaknesses. 


While devouring the susceptible and helpless isn’t exactly original to Mother Gothel, one of the scariest parts of the cozening old crone was her unpredictableness. She is not afraid to take risks in order to get what she wants. For instance, when cutting a lock of Rapunzel’s hair did not give her the magical powers she needed, she kidnapped the baby. Later, when she realized Flynn was going to come between her and Rapunzel, she stabbed him and attempted murder. Mother Gothel is definitely one the greatest Disney villains of all time. On the other hand, Frozen hardly has a villain. Some could say it is Hans, who is present in the beginning of the movie and antagonizes Elsa, but he only starts fights and does not really get anywhere. Yes he manipulates Anna and sets off a chain of events, but Elsa was bound to break out of her falsified perfect lifestyle eventually. 


Moving on, Rapunzel has an eccentric personality that can help the audience relate to her. Anna, from Frozen, arguably displays some of those traits, but she is more brusque with those qualities. Rapunzel’s subtlety keeps her relatable and enjoyable to watch. For example, who can’t help but smile at Rapunzel’s worry after escaping the tower. 


Although Rapunzel and Flynn are funny by themselves, there is not one, but TWO animal sidekicks lightening the mood as well. Even though Pascal never speaks, his actions provide all the laughter one needs. From his facial expressions to his cute dress, Pascal has enough attitude for everyone. He is Rapunzel’s number one pal, and she turns to him for all her advice. As if Pascal wasn’t enough, Rapunzel also has Maximus on her side. Maximus is a horse who embodies a bloodhound. His dog-like traits leave the audience in tears from cracking up. Maximus starts out as tracking Flynn in order to arrest him, but by the end of the movie Rapunzel has captured Maximus’ loyalty. Rapunzel’s rapport eventually leads the horse to help Flynn escape from prison.

Frozen may have some good qualities, but Tangled is better for many reasons. Tangled has the perfect Disney couple, an empowering princess who overcomes one of the best Disney villains ever and two of the weirdest sidekicks that somehow fit together perfectly. I hope at last you see the light and understand that Tangled is one hundred times the movie Frozen is.

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