Me Said : I Said The Case of "Tangled" VS "Frozen"

What is better than a warm heartfelt movie about two sisters who love each other? Definitely not a stereotypical love story between a princess and a broken man (*cough* *cough* Tangled ). Frozen has Tangled beat in a million ways, and “I’ve Got a Dream” that people will leave Tangled in the dust for the timeless, beautiful, heartwarming movie of a generation: Frozen


To begin, Frozen has amazing music that has long-lasting enjoyment. Frozen came out in 2013, and eight years later children are still jamming out to songs like “Let it Go,” and “Love is an Open Door.” The witty lyrics and upbeat melody make the songs perfect for every occasion. Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell did an amazing job bringing the princesses to life. Their voices were beautiful and some of the notes sent chills down my spine.


Along with that, the storyline is relatable to adults and kids alike. It has a happy-go-lucky theme of sisterly love with undertones of real-life situations. For example, to a youngster, when Elsa shuns Anna is just a dramatic sad scene.  However, an adult can relate to the depression and self-isolation Elsa is going through. From the devastating death of the King and Queen, to the shocking disappearance of Elsa, Frozen keeps an audience of all ages emotionally engaged in the movie. If a movie has you in tears within the first ten minutes, it is a good movie. Frozen pulls on your heartstrings and helps you to immediately love the two princesses.


Moving on, Frozen has great humor that can even make adults giggle. One of the gags that never gets old is Kristoff talking for his reindeer, Sven, and pretending as if they were actually having a conversation. The playful banter between the two provides a cute comedic relief to the film. However, they can not be compared to the hilarity Olaf adds to the film. The silly snowman brightens every situation with his positivity and radiant light. Olaf adds a lightheartedness to the movie with his ignorant comments, and lightens the mood during or after some of the more dramatic and heart-wrenching scenes. Seeing this lovable snowman can put a smile on anyone’s cranky face. Who doesn’t enjoy a silly song about a snowman dreaming about how he could enjoy summer when it rolls around?


Wild conspiracy theories connect the Frozen cannon to another Disney favorite, Tangled, but I believe that the former is on an entirely different level than the latter. Although Tangled has a cute story of a princess overcoming her diabolical stepmother, it relies too heavily on weighty matters that sometimes go over its audiences’ heads. Frozen has a much more relatable storyline. Other than fairy-tale characters, I know nobody who has been kidnapped and locked in a tower against their will. On the other hand, I know many people who have struggled to find themselves while being locked out of their siblings' lives. Frozen also has more humorous moments scattered throughout the movie in order to keep the movie from being too serious. Tangled has one funny moment at the Snuggly Duckling Tavern, which is only funny due to the other characters that are brought in. While seriousness in movies has its place, it doesn’t exactly adhere to Disney princess movies as well as Tangled would like you to believe.


As you can see, Frozen is much better than Tangled for many reasons. Frozen’s princesses’ struggles are more relatable than those of Rapunzel. Plus, Frozen has funnier characters which makes the entire film more enjoyable. Although some people think Tangled is comparable to Frozen, I think Tangled is a “Fixer Upper,” and Frozen should be labeled as the superior movie is it.

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