He Said She Said: Should Valentine's Day be Celebrated - No, It Shouldn't

Imagine a day filled with roses, boxes of chocolates, ending with a romantic night under the stars. Chances are, if you have a Valentine, you feel the pressures of planning a perfect night for your significant other. This is the one day a year where every couple tries to force love by spending tons of money on dumb gifts which can actually weaken a relationship. Aside from that, Valentine’s Day can be detrimental to single people’s mental well-being. By the end of this article, I hope you understand why I believe Valentine’s Day should not be celebrated. 


First, let's look at why couples celebrate on Valentine’s Day. It is just a normal day that has been blown up into a party. Couples are pressured to spend tons of money on overpriced gifts that do not have that much sentimental value. This year, Valentine’s Day expenses are expected to go over $19 Billion! What a great waste of money on a holiday that will likely do nothing to strengthen your relationship anyway.


This brings me to my next point: Valentine’s Day may actually weaken relationships instead of strengthening them. On Valentine's Day, there is a silent understanding that everything has to be perfect. Eighty-eight percent of men reported feeling obligated to buy a gift for their significant other on this stupid holiday. The idea of giving a gift creates high levels of stress in each of the partners. They worry that the other will buy something more expensive or meaningful. The bar is set impossibly high for one partner to “woo” the other on this ridiculous day. It just results in great disappointment, which creates a rift in the relationship.


Moving on, Valentine’s Day is all about showing off your significant other and trying to out-do other couples. It pushes the idea that you need a boyfriend or girlfriend in order to be successful or happy. In reality, one only needs their own self-validation to feel confident in themselves. Self-love is more important than any appreciation or approval from a partner. However, Valentine’s day contradicts the idea of self-love, which instils doubt and feelings of worthlessness in single people.  


Although I do not think Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate with your significant other, I do support celebrating Galentine's Day. I think spending a special day with a group of your best gal pals is a great way to make the most of an otherwise artificial holiday season. Take a break from your busy schedule, including your boyfriend, to hang out with your girls. Take the pressure off of having a perfect night to have a crazy, fun-filled, adventure celebrating the joys of female friendships.


I believe you should not have one day to force your love, but rather show your love all around the year. Randomly buy your significant other dinner one night, or buy them a box of chocolates after a hard week. Small gestures are often more meaningful anyway. However, forcing all the Valentine’s Day romance and affection into one day makes the rest of the year a frustrating and disappointing time.

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