How to Start the Second Semester Successfully

The opening semester is officially over and that means it is time to start anew and gear up for a second semester of learning and growth. It is important to set a positive and productive tone for the semester right away. The habits that you set into place during the first few weeks of a new semester will help carry you all the way through that semester and eventually will help you finish it strong. There are many easy tasks you can do to help you prepare and be successful for this semester.


The first task you can do is organize your backpack and clean out old papers from the previous semester. Nothing will set a bad attitude for the semester like opening your backpack on the first day and having a mess of papers and other items from the previous semester. Instead, simply taking fifteen minutes out of your day to do a little organizing can benefit you greatly. Clean out each folder you use and if the paper is something you may need in the future, keep it and store. After you finish getting rid of all the unnecessary papers and utensils, you have to fill your backpack with new utensils and useful items for school. 


Next, another important task you can do when starting a new semester is discovering where your new classrooms are at and making sure you know how to get there. Nothing would start the new semester off worse than going to the wrong classroom or being late on your first day and giving your teacher the wrong first impression. A good way to give a new teacher a good impression is by being on time, participating in class and being respectful. Forming a good relationship with a new teacher is not only beneficial now, but could also be very beneficial in the future.   


Finally, a good task to do at the start of a new semester is to set achievable and realistic goals. Examples of some of these goals include getting an A in math, making the 4.0 honor roll, or even joining a new club that you are interested in. Setting any goal will help give a purpose for the semester and motivate you to perform at your best possible ability.


In conclusion, the best way to have an amazing semester is by starting it off the right way. This means being organized with all the new supplies you will need, giving good first impressions, and setting achievable and realistic goals. CHS Achor News wishes everyone success and the upcoming semester. Please follow our twitter page @CHSAnchorNews or our instagram chsanchornews.

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