Sports season with COVID-19

Playing a sport during COVID-19 was a very different experience. Trying to do physical activity while wearing a mask was very difficult and made it a lot harder to catch your breath. However, while actually running, and doing any form of drills that would make us breathe heavy, we did not have to have our masks up, but just under our chins. While in the huddles, and while we were close to other players, we were required to wear them up. I am grateful that we were able to have a season at all under these circumstances.



When it came to games, things were a little different. We were lucky enough to be allowed four spectators per player. So we were just thankful that our parents/family were able to come watch. While on the court, we were encouraged to not wear a mask due to the many safety risks. We were never too close to anyone to make this a huge concern. The second that we stepped off the court, we were required to put our masks on. This way we were safe on and off the court. All spectators, coaches, refs, and score board runners were required to wear masks the whole time. 


As for the game itself, it did not change much. We went in and did our regular rotations and played like we normally would. The only new thing was that we had to sanitize as soon as we got off the court, and we would get a new clean ball after each point. On the bus, we had to wear masks the whole time due to the lack of social distancing in such a small amount of room. All together, this season looked very different, but it was nothing we couldn’t handle.



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