Musical Theater: Something to be Experienced

Most students think school musicals are only for those who can sing. This isn’t true at all. There are many more roles and opportunities that are part of a musical. From behind the scenes, to on the stage, and in the pit, musical has something for everyone.

Actors and actresses come in all shapes and sizes, but more importantly, different levels of talent. There are the leads in the show that do lots of talking, dancing, and solos, but there are also smaller roles for students who are less confident. There are supporting roles with few lines, chorus singers, dancers, and other parts for students who want to be a part of musical but want less commitment. These roles allow students to split time between another sport or activity.

A musical is like a well-oiled machine. All parts are necessary for the machine to run smoothly. This is the same thing for a production. The audience only sees what the cast wants them to see, but there are many other important roles behind the scenes too. The production can’t even happen without stage and tech crew. The tech crew handles the mics, lighting, sound effects, and it’s their job to make actors look good. Stage Crew creates and handles the sets, curtains, and quick changes. Both of these groups are vital to a good production.

Along with stage and tech crew, another important part is the pit. This is the area in front of the stage where the orchestra and conductor are during the show. They play the background music for songs and scene changes. The musicians are a key part of the production and without them the show would be boring. Pit offers opportunities for music students to take part in their school’s musical production.

The musical is a great place for artists too. Painting sets and designing props is a great way for students to show off their artistic abilities. In high school productions, especially those greater in size, there is always more to be done and sets are a big part of the show. Designing sets is very rewarding for students because they get to see their work in action during the production.

Musical is an amazing opportunity for all different kinds of people. Between the actors, crew, pit, and others, the show is truly a unique experience for all participating. The entire cast and crew are a family working together to make an amazing production. So no, the musical is not just for great singers. It is for everyone.


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