Lana Del Rey's Recent Controversies

With her 7th studio album coming out soon and multiple recent social media controversies, it’s time we look at Lana Del Rey. The first and only time many people have heard of Lana Del Rey, is in 2012 when she released a remix of her song, “Summertime Sadness”. She has recently been brought back into the public eye because of a controversial Instagram post which she called a “Question for the Culture'', a less than desirable, mask, and kissing her sister.


The main controversy recently has been her “Question for the Culture'' Instagram post. In the post she addressed how people accuse her of “glamorizing abuse” in her music, while other artists who sing or rap about the same things don’t get hate because their music is more upbeat. This post caused controversy because people thought she had no reason to complain and was just being privileged. As far as the “glamorizing abuse” goes, it is most prevalent in her third album, Ultraviolence. In the album's title track, some of the lyrics include, “Jim told me that, he hit me and it felt like a kiss”, and, “he hurt me but it felt like true love.” She also got called out for “glamorizing abuse” in 2012 when she released one of her first singles, “Blue Jeans.'' The cover for the single was a man choking Lana Del Rey and it caused a bit of controversy.


More recently, Lana Del Rey has been getting lots of criticism for wearing a mesh mask at a surprise book signing for her poetry book, Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass. The mask she was wearing looked like it was just made of mesh with no actual filtering layer, not CDC approved. Immediately after the event was live streamed, twitter went crazy. Everyone was talking about her mask and how it was in no way stopping the spread of Covid. One fan that went to the signing said that Lana’s mask indeed did have a filter layer. Whether it did or not, in her next Instagram post, she was wearing a proper cloth mask.


In her most recent scandal, the singer’s sister, Chuck Grant, posted a series of photos of her and Lana, mostly from their childhood. However, the last picture she posted was of them when they were grown, and in the picture, they were kissing. The picture of them kissing was from a photoshoot for an art project. Luckily, Lana Del Rey is still planning on releasing her new album, Chemtrails Over the Country Club, in December despite these recent controversies.



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