How to Keep a Positive Outlook

I know how hard it is to keep your mind clear and away from any negative thoughts, but I have figured out a couple of ways to keep your mind positive.


Smiling: If you smile it can make you calm down for a moment. Smiling is so contagious as well, it's just like seeing someone else yawn and you yawn because you saw them yawn. Making it a goal to smile at least a few times a day or make someone else smile can help your mind get away from anything negative, so try to think of positive things to make someone smile or laugh.  


Do things you love: If you're an athlete, you probably escape by playing or practicing your sport, or if you're a gamer, you use video games to escape as well. After a long day at school and finishing homework, take some time to do something you like. Even if you only have twenty minutes, it still can help you a lot.  


Try new things: If you're not great at art or painting, try it! It doesn't matter if you're a master artist, you can still make beautiful things. At the end you can look at what you've created and think, "Wow, I did that!". Anything that's new can be stressful, but try to find something that's easy and you know you can handle. 


Yoga/Stretching: Try stretching or yoga. While doing so, put on some music and listen to it while you stretch. Stretching can relax your mind while relaxing your muscles and body at the same time. 


Exercise: Exercising can make your mind think about only what you’re doing and how your body is reacting. Making up your own exercise routine can make you excited to do it. Making yourself exercise also makes you think positively about how you look or feel. You feel much better after you exercise. 


Surround yourself with people you love: Being with family or friends can make you much happier. Doing anything like baking together or even just hanging out helps. Just being around someone you love can make you much more positive and feel like you "got it."


Positive self-talk: Talk to yourself kindly. If you constantly say, “I’m not good enough, I can’t do this,” then you will be negative about yourself. If you tell yourself, you can do it, and you're good enough, then you will feel better. Maybe every morning look yourself in the mirror and say positive things about yourself that make you happy. It’ll help in the long run. 


Hopefully this helped you have more ideas to keep your mind healthy. 


~ Sierra

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