The NFC East

A lot is happening in the NFL, so it can be hard to keep track of what is going on around the league. So, let's take a look at one of the NFL’s poorest performing divisions: the NFC East. This division consists of the 3-4-1 Eagles, the 2-6 Redskins, the 2-7 Cowboys, and the 2-7 Giants. As you can see, the NFC East is struggling, but the blame lies with with Covid-19, injuries, and trades.

Take a look at the #1 team in the division, the 3-4-1 Philadelphia Eagles. They may be number one in the division, but it's not by much. One of the biggest reasons is multiple injuries, and most involving their best players. This has caused them to be all over the place with regards to their performance on the field because they are not playing at full strength. The Cowboys have also faced injuries. They started slipping and sliding as soon as their star quarterback, Dak Prescot, got injured. Then Andy Dalton was placed on the Covid-Reserve list, meaning he could not play. That left the Cowboys with Ben Dinincui.

The 2-6 Redskins have had bad years in the past, and this one is no different. They started the NFL 2020 season 1-0 beating the Eagles, but it was all downhill from there. After this, they lost five games in a row, and when they were finally able to win, it was to the Dallas Cowboys. With their 2-7 record, the Giants are no better. Their only wins were to the Redskins and every other game was a loss.

Although many sportscasters are labeling the NFC East as the worst division in the league, they do admit that the teams have legitimate reasons for poor play. Unfortunately, because these are all professional players, this writer thinks that's not much of an excuse. The Eagles would make the playoffs if the season ended right now, but in any other division, the Eagles would have no chance whatsoever. It is the only division where a 2-7 team still has a chance to make it.


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