Impact of College Volleyball Players Meghan McClure and Holly Campbell

Most volleyball players become familiar with college and olympic players. I am much more interested in college volleyball than the olympics, and I'm a huge fan of Stanford Volleyball. They are the Division I state champs of 2019 for women's volleyball. As a young athlete, I look up to their players a lot, and their influence has taught me to love and value the sport more than anything.


As a player, I'm a Pin Hitter, which means that I'm an outside and a right side hitter, depending on where I am placed. Some players from the Stanford Women's Volleyball Team that I look up to are outside hitter number 4, Meghan McClure, and middle blocker number 3, Holly Campbell. These two women can adapt to anything. Last year, McClure had to occasionally play her own backrow. She is an outstanding hitter and great role model. Campbell is one of the best middles to watch, but audience members and players must watch her closely or they won't even see her coming.


Often these women do not understand the impact they have on young players, but everything they do is analyzed. Children watc them on the court to get tips on how they can be as good as these women on the volleyball court. I’ve watched volleyball players from all over the world, and no one catches my eye on the court as much as these women do.


College, and olympic volleyball players, have change my perspective on this sport, and my life. Volleyball has gone from a hobby to a love and a passion I will continue to persue.


~MaKenna Davis

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