Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Destiny 2 Beyond Light is a game expansion released on November 10 at 12pm EST. This expansion includes many new things like subclasses and weapons, and the game file itself goes from 109G to 66G, making it easier for computers to handle. The light or power level increases from 1060 to 1200 soft cap, 1250 hard cap, and 1260 pinnacle cap. And along with everthing else, there is the new planet to explore: Europa.


As soon as you open the game you are greeted with a new loading screen with a dark theme and the words Destiny 2 Beyond Light. This is better because before the game would open with a blinding white loading screen. Luke Smith from Bungie said, “This is a change to the whole game color aesthetic.” In fact, almost every white screen now has a dark tint which makes the game look more realistic. Designers also did a complete overhaul on the color files.


A new element called stasis was also added to the game. This element is basically ice because it freezes your enemies. Each class has its own version of stasis. Warlocks get a stasis called “ShadeBinder,” titans get “Behemoth,” and hunters get “Revenant.” Each subclass is called the “darkness” subclass compared to the original three which were void, arc, solar, and now stasis.


Not much is known of Europa as of this moment because the expansion has only been available for a few days. Players will have to uncover Europa's secrets involving the Frozen Wasteland and with it a time capsule to the Braytec Exoscience Facilities buried deep under the ice. And with the new Raid Deep Stone Crypt released this past weekend, hopefully this will reveal more secrets about Clovis Bray 1 and his exoscience experiments.


There are many more secrets to uncover and experience on Europahe raid, and with the addition of raid, players can hope to have more answers than questions. Which side will you choose, the light, or darkness?



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