The Presidential Election

The 2020 election may be one of the most contriversal and important elections of the era. For the last six months, the country has experinced crisis, death, and sickness. From a worldwide pandemic to the death of George Floyd, this elction could be the key to either this nation's downfall or its upbeing and it's all down to of this election. It's hard to know which presidential candidate is right for our country, and with the skewed media and fake news, it can be hard to see both canidates views and beliefs.


With more availability to news and social media, it is easier than ever to get pushed to one side or another after hearing only one person's perspectives and beliefs on the election. But it is important to know each candidate and his plans to maintain or beter America's conditions. First, there's the virus. Joe Biden's plan is to look at further lockdowns to curb the spread of the virus. That may affect students, especially those who count on school for food that they don't have at home. Studies have shown that a lack of nutrition often leads to poor school performance. President Trump has no plans to alter what he's currently doing, and he wants to keep America open. His focus is on a vaccine that would enable Americans to return to a normal way of life.


Other arguments revolve around Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, police brutality, and white supramcy. It is thought by many that President Trump is a racist. This may or may not be true. Trump supporters argue that Trump's comments have been taken out of context by the media, and just because Trump did not support the protest for BLM does not mean he is racist. Many protests turned violet, with people using it as an excuse to damage property and loot. Athough Biden has been blamed for having no opinion about protests, he has been quoted as condemning violent protests several times since the George Floyd incident.


Then there are the topics of pro-life and pro-choice. While they sound the same, pro-life emphasizes the right of the embryo, and pro-choice is the right for women to decide. President Trump is seeking to overturn Roe vs. Wade, a 50-year-old court case that legalized abortion. Trump is pro-life and is against abortion except in cases of rape, incest, or danger to the mother's life. Biden is pro-choice, and though he considers himself a religious man, he has been quoted as saying he would not force his religious views about when life begins on others.


So whether you like Joe Biden, President Trump, or someone else, it is very important to vote. This is your country and it's important to understand the opinions, beliefs, and plans of each candidate before casting your ballot.



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