NFL Week Seven

The NFL’s football season kicked off a mere seven weeks ago, starting what would be a controversial season because of the looming coronavirus. But although it may not look normal, the coaches and players are making the best of what they got. Teams are trying to have a stand-out season with a pending postseason 


There are some players in the NFL that stand-out performance-wise and will be able to turn their team’s season around. Derrick Henry had an outstanding showing with two touchdowns and runs totaling two hundred- and sixty-four-yards last week. Heading into week seven with the Tennessee Titans going against the 5-0 Pittsburgh Steelers, fantasy owners will not be able to count on another outstanding game like last week. In a potential MVP season, Russell Wilson has led the Seattle Seahawks into a 5-0 record. In many fantasy leagues, he is ranked in the top five for quarterbacks in the entire league and is projected to get at least twenty points every week. After a 4-0 start, the Buffalo Bills have dropped two games in a row and Josh Allen is at the center of that. Heading into his third year as an NFL quarterback, many were surprised by Josh Allen leading the Bills to four straight wins, yet he needs to continue to prove them wrong by leading the now 4-2 Bills to a record of 5-2. Cam Newton, having been signed by the New England Patriots over the off-season, needs to turn their 2-3 season around. He is being trusted with what has been the most dominant offense for the past twenty years, can he keep the Patriots relevant in the pending Playoffs 


Some teams seem unstoppable with a good offense and defense, while other teams seem to be struggling on both sides of the ball. The Kansas City Chiefs have established a record of 5-1 and being the top team of the AFC West makes them more dangerous. They have quite a bit of leeway since the Las Vegas Raiders, who are second in the AFC West, have a record of 3-2. Placing third in the AFC North, the Cleveland Browns have started out the season strong only losing to two teams, but going forward they will have to rely on players like Nick Chubbs, Odell Beckham Jr., and Baker Mayfield to make a playoff run. Aaron Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers have been seated in second place of NFC North and he will be counted on to try to displace the Chicago Bears from their top seat. The Chicago Bears have made something out of the 2020 season by starting out with a 5-1 record.  


There are some games that one should watch since both teams are in a good or questionable spot with their season, and the game will decide their future momentum. Historically, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have not been a very good team, only winning one Super Bowl in 2003, following the 2002 season. However, with a new quarterback, Tom Brady, going against the 3-2 Las Vegas Raiders and Derek Carr, it seems like a less daunting task. Jimmy Garoppolo plays the New England Patriots in a match-up between the NFC and the AFC. With both teams having lost three games previously this season, their offenses and defenses must show up with their best performances yet this year to pull out a win. The Tennessee Titans look to be the first team to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in what maybe a shootout between both offenses. Mike Vrabel, the Titans’ head coach, should utilize Derrick Henry against Pittsburgh’s strong defense. Drew Brees’ 3-2 New Orleans Saints face off against the 3-3 Carolina Panthers in a game between the two NFC South teams. Teddy Bridgewater faces his old team in the showdown.  


This year’s season should spark some interest among football lovers. Not only is there a season with Tom Brady debuting with a new team for the first time in twenty years, but COVID-19 has changed the game for better or for worse. Will the Chicago Bears recreate the Super Bowl Shuffle, or will Patrick Mahomes lead the Chiefs to a second straight Super Bowl win? Either way, it will be one roller-coaster of a season.  


~Anna Marie

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