Minecraft: Furniture and Decor

Minecraft: Roofing and Décor

A project by Kevin Wells

Section one: Roofing

The main trouble that many Minecraft players have in building a house comes in the form of the roof, many vouching for a flat roof or home inside a cave, mountain, or other place instead of creating one. There are a few select, simple things to keep in mind when creating a roof.


  • - Focus on slabs and stairs as the building material
  • - Use full-sized blocks wherever needed
  • - Feel free to add in different windows and ledges integrated into the roof
  • - Consider adding in a chimney with a campfire fireplace inside the house, remember, a hay bale underneath the campfire will produce taller smoke
  • - Make sure a roof overhangs over a wood house to help prevent fire produced by lightning strikes from reaching it
  • - If you must have a flat roof, consider glass as the material. Mobs cannot spawn on it


  • - Use the same material you used for the house
  • - Use a wood roof in combination with a wood house in case of fire
  • - Make the roof uneven
  • - Forget to light up a flat roof

Section 2:  Décor

We all know what essentials come into a house, furnaces, a bed, crafting table, chests… adding decorative structures in and around your home adds charm at a usually low cost.


Easy to make with simple wood stairs, you can also add signs to the sides to make them have arms. Alternatively, try placing a slab down instead of stairs and using trapdoors for the backing, which can create a taller chair.

Plant Life

Placing a set of stairs upside-down over by a window in the interior can be an excellent place for a flowerpot, and can be placed in front of grass blocks at the exterior to be used as a planter. Sweet berry bushes can be planted on a small set of dirt blocks and be surrounded by trap doors, creating safe planters for those prickly branches.


Try putting two iron blocks in the corner of a room, placing doors on the two visible sides, creating a decorative refrigerator. A tripwire hook in front of a filled cauldron can act as a sink. Finally, placing spruce wood stairs to the sides of a smoker and adding slabs on top can create a fancier place to cook your food.


Decorating your house with various furnishings is easy to do and doesn’t take many materials at all. Even if you have troubles with your roof or decide to make your house more cost-effective with a limited or nonexistent roof, you can still have a good bit of fanciness to your home.

~Kevin Wells

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