The Joy of Cooking

High school is quickly trickling away as I look at 9 more days for seniors before finals week.  What to do after high school?  I love to cook.  It brings me joy and such satisfaction.  Why shouldn't we love what we do?

I was thinking of going into a cooking field since I have a knack for cooking.  I will start as a local line cook until I am ready to go to college.  Using this as a base, I’d go into a college for management and culinary arts to open my own restaurant. I would cook as many foods as I could learn and make a cookbook and an interchangeable menu. My dream is to own a restaurant that wouldn’t be too big though, as that would require more money to buy and wouldn’t make it feel as homey. The decorations would stick to the directions of north, south, east, and west, meaning that the restaurant would be navigation themed. 

I have dreams that I would love to see fulfilled.  I may not take a traditional path, but it is mine to choose.  I get joy from cooking and now it is up to me to put the spice into my life.  My journey is just beginning and I look forward to the path it will take me on.

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