To Recycle or not to Recycle

There are many rules for recycling. What is the proper way to recycle? We are here to bust down the myths.

  • Recycle all bottles, cans, and paper. 
  • Remember to wash the cans and bottles and to remove any type of clips keeping the paper together. 
  • All bottles and cans must be free of liquids in order to recycle them. 
  • You may recycle cardboard; however, the cardboard must be free of stains. As in, do not recycle old pizza boxes. 
  • You may recycle phonebooks, magazines, and mail as well. Just make sure not to recycle any styrofoam. 
  • Do not recycle take-out containers, drinking cups, and any sort of plastic bag. 
  • Always remember not to recycle plastic utensils, or any type of glass.

There are extended rules for what you can and can not recycle in your area, so check online for what kinds of plastic, cans, bottles, etc. that you can recycle. Check out for what is available to recycle in your area. 

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