Some tips to help the Planet

Much more frequent heatwave episodes, more frequent forest fires because of the large reductions in water resources and low flow rates, impact on agriculture, highly affected agricultural yields, amplification of heat waves with health consequences and energy consumption, tens of millions of climate refugees on the horizon 2050, the sinking of many territories, the risk of a massive disappearance of animals, more diseases.

Was that long to read? Because those are only a couple of consequences if we don’t change our bad habits for the planet. We only have one. The problem is that our planet is not going well. It’s getting worse over the years, and we must stop that. If everyone helps at least a little bit, it will help. But, too many people deny it, and don’t care about how the world goes. We need to move to 100% renewable, changing our modes of production and consumption, and distributing wealth better. And still, there are more things to do! Do you think that ice disappearing in Antarctica is normal? Or that in Europe, temperatures were above 60 degrees last February? Or that sea turtles starve to death because they thought that plastics bags in the ocean were jellyfish? Should I give more examples? 

“There is no planet B”, keep that in your mind.

Here are some things that everybody should do as much as they can:

·         Don’t waste water

·         Stop using plastic straws. Buy paper straws or don’t use any. Think about all the places giving plastics straws

·         Use reusable bags and water bottles

·         Sort your waste

·         Eat less meat

·         Download ECOSIA on your laptop. It’s the same as google, except that the more people who use it as a research site, the more trees the organization will plant

·         Try not to use make-up remover wipes 

·         Avoid plastic bags to put your food in.

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