Dunkin Donuts Secret Menu

Dunkin Donuts has hundreds of items on their menu. From Coolattas to iced coffee to lattes and the most important, the doughnuts. Sure you can order a plain mocha iced coffee, but there are so many more creative options you can try out. Next time you go to Dunkin Donuts, keep these delicious options in mind.

1. Birthday Cake Coolatta.

This drink is similar to the limited-time Birthday Cake Frappuccino. To
get this dink, order a Vanilla Bean Coolatta with a Hazelnut Swirl.

2. Peaches n Cream Coolatta

This drink is similar to the limited-time Birthday Cake Frappuccino. To
get this dink, order a Vanilla Bean Coolatta with a Hazelnut Swirl.

3. Tropical Breeze Coolatta

This summery flavor can be made by asking for a Minute Maid Coolatta
with two coconut shots and a peach shot. The Coolatta base tastes
lighter compared to the heavier yogurt base for the smoothies.

4. Eggnog Latte

This drink can be done hot or frozen, so it’s perfect for every season.
Order either the Vanilla Chai beverage or the Frozen Vanilla Chai. Then,
ask for three pumps of Caramel Swirl to be added to the mixture.

5. Nutella-Flavored Drinks

Any drink can be made Nutella-flavored. For hot or iced coffee, ask for
two Mocha Swirls and one Hazelnut Shot. To make a Nutella Coffee
Coolatta, order a Mocha Frozen Coffee and add two Hazelnut Swirls. To
make a Nutella Hot Chocolate, order an original Hot Chocolate with three
Hazelnut Shots or three Hazelnut Swirls. Flavor shots are unsweetened
and swirls are sweetened, so keep that in mind when ordering.

6. Raspberry Hot Chocolate

This combination can be either hot or frozen. To achieve this, order your Hot Chocolate either hot or frozen, with three Raspberry Shots. This can also be done with either hot or iced coffee with two Mocha Swirls and one Raspberry Shot.

7. Toasted French Vanilla Coffee

For a twist on the French Vanilla coffee, order your coffee with two French Vanilla Swirls, one Toasted Almond Shot and Almond Milk instead of cream.

8. Coco-Berry Coffee

Combine the Blueberry Shot with a coconut shot and almond milk. This mixture has a refreshing taste when it is an iced coffee. If you like to use a dairy other than Almond Milk, use a Toasted Almond Shot.

9. Almond Joy Iced Coffee

Remember when the Almond Joy Iced Coffee was limited-time drink? Now, you can make this any time you want. Ask for a Mocha Iced Coffee with a Toasted Almond Shot and a Coconut Shot. I personally like to add in sugar and creamer to make it even more sweet.

These drinks are all medium based, so you’ll have to adjust the shots and swirls based on the size you get. Subtract one for a small or add one for a large.

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