Global Warming

            Global warming is a rising issue in today’s society. The earth’s temperatures are not constant so it is normal for them to rise and fall, however they have been drastically rising and scientists believe it is not from natural causes. The factories that humans use to make products and the burning of fossil fuels has created an increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Therefore, because carbon dioxide and other gases trap heat, they are building up heat in the atmosphere.

            Some effects from global warming can be catastrophic. For example, ice glaciers in places like Greenland and Antarctica are thawing. When the water from the glaciers rejoins the ocean, it heats up and expands in volume. This is the first problem in a chain reaction that global warming has caused. The next problem deals with the land subsiding. The coast of Louisiana is now shrinking at 3ft (1 meter) a century. Lastly, when the water spreads, the saltwater will infect the freshwater that it used for drinking and farming.

            So far the average surface temperature has risen about 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit since the late 19th century. Rising heat will have detrimental effects on nature as well as the human race. It has already been effecting the glaciers and caused the sea level to rise. Global warming is a serious issue that needs attention before it gets out of hand.

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