Why Insects are Important

Nature is composed of many crucial plants, animals, fungi, and many other necessities to keep the environment stable. The most underappreciated though, would have to be insects. Many people do not realize how important these so called “pesky bugs” are to the Earth.

Insects are the main source of food for many animals at the low end of the food chain. Without the bugs, frogs and birds would have no additional source of food. Insects are also primary disposers, so they do a phenomenal job at removing waste. They get rid of dead animals and plants to make sure their habitat does not get cluttered. Insects also pollinate our flowers and vegetable plants. This allows us to have all the produce we want and farmers are able to keep their jobs and companies. Insects keep pests at a constant level and they make sure nature is always in constant balance.

There are more than 1.5 million named insects with more out there to be discovered. As humans, we need to be aware that not all insects are harmful and that most are extremely beneficial. Naturalists are very involved with the insects and appreciate them with every discovery they make. Insects are a crucial part to the ecosystem and they need to get the recognition they deserve.

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