Post High School Options

           For many high school students, choosing a career path is extremely difficult. There are so many paths to choose from and life is too short to switch once you get going. There’s the issue of finances for almost any option. The more time you spend deciding, the longer you’ll be in debt in the long run. So where should students start?

            Even though it doesn’t seem like it, there are actually quite a few options. For example, students can go to a two or four-year college. Going to a four-year college prepares individuals for professional careers and are more for those who already know what field they want to pursue. Whereas two-year colleges are great for students who aren’t sure what career they want to go into yet. Most careers require the basic two years anyway, so a two-year college will give students the time they need and prepare them for their future.

            However, if college just seems like too big of a step so soon, there are things like trade and certificate programs. Trade and certificate programs are hands on learning programs that offers more direct paths to specific jobs. If this also seems like it’s not the right choice for you, the military could be something to consider. Going into the military builds character as well as there are lots of benefits for veterans when they finish their service.

            Lastly it could also be beneficial to take a gap year or just go right into the working. A gap year could be spent backpacking through Europe or doing internships. An internship could be a great option if there’s a field you want to learn more about. Another option, however, is going right into working. Whether it’s a minimum wage job or something like construction, it could help you get an early jump on life. Even if it doesn’t seem like the best option for you, it could be a great way to start saving up money for a better education.

            All of these options are great for teens just getting out of high school. Most students think that you have to go to college right after you graduate. However, there are other things that could also really help if you don’t want to go to college just yet. These are a great way to spend your time without wasting it. Hopefully, if you hadn’t thought of alternatives already, this list helped.

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