What do you want to be?

High School students are constantly making decisions: what to wear, what to eat, planning fun weekends with friends; the list goes on. The biggest decision teens have to make, though, is what they want to do after they receive the diploma. High school is about finding yourself and growing as a person. Those last four years of  grade school education can really make a huge impact on the rest of your life.

In high school, people start learning their best skills and what they are passionate about. Some people are better working with their hands on machines while others prefer the process of problem solving an algebraic equation. Whatever the interest may be, students get motivated and set goals within a certain field. The last thing somebody  wants to feel is unprepared for college, so many high schools have a variety of electives to give students an idea of what they want to pursue later in life.

By the time teens are seniors, they should have an occupation that they are going for. Colleges start being picked and the rest of the young adult’s education is focused on what they aspire to be. Planning for the future is a crucial part for all high school students.

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