Senior Year Scare

Senior Year

Hold your breath and count the days, we’re graduating soon... College will be paradise if I’m not dead by June

As the school year comes to an end, we are all signing up for next year’s classes. As I look at the possibilities, a weight falls on my shoulders. These classes will be my last classes at Wellsboro Area High School. They will be the last classes I will take before I get my diploma and say goodbye to everyone I’ve known since I was little. My senior year is coming fast and I am excited but also dreading it. After my senior year, I will be going on to the next step of my life. I’ll be going on to college with people I’ve never met and taking classes harder than I’ve ever imagined.

As this next step comes closer and closer, I don’t know if I should be anxious or excited.

I suppose I will find out more as my first day of senior year becomes an increasing reality. 

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