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            In the 21st century, music is one of the biggest influences in teens' lives. It is an integral part to most every youth and is as diverse and unique as each individual. Each person has “their music” whether it be classic rock, rap, pop, country, or any one of the thousands of other genres. We curate our own playlists for our different moods, we go through “phases” of music throughout life, and we develop a connection with other people through music. Each person is able to create their own world when listening to music.

            I personally have at least 25 different playlists I listen to. Some are constantly on repeat and others are scarcely played, but each one has its own purpose. Some I’ve made completely from scratch and others are pre-made. This does not change how they make me feel though. Each playlist conveys a different message and helps me through whatever situation I am in. Without music, the bad times would be a little worse and the good times would not be nearly as memorable.

            For most people music comes in waves, and each wave of music ends up carrying a boatload of memories with it. For example, over the summer there was a playlist my friend and I listened to all the time, and it was pretty much the only thing we listened to. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when it just so happened that a song from that playlist came on the radio. Time slowed down. As I gazed at the stereo I completely zoned out of the present and was transported to the summer. I reminisced on the sunny day drives out to the canyon, rainy days dancing in the house, and emotional car rides home. I could not bring myself to respond to any statement from my dad or even turn my head to glance in another direction. I simply stared off and let the memories flow. Nothing could bring me out of my trance but the abrupt and melancholy end of the tune. 

There was also another playlist I listened to frequently this summer; I created it around the middle of June and added to it throughout the next 3-4 months. I listened to it at every swim meet, every drive to and from life guarding, every long car ride, and almost every night as I fell asleep. I had a free period a few days ago and decided I would clear out some of my old music. But as I listened to the combination of songs, I could not bring myself to delete them out of fear of losing the memories they carried.

            Music connects people. It brings people with similar tastes together and also is a way for two strangers to get to know each other better. Music can perfectly parallel the type of person you are in life or seem to be the complete opposite of your public persona. Music is different for every person but the common factor is our connection to it. Music is a part of our everyday lives and earbuds have become a staple in every teen’s bag. Music, in a word, rocks.

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