Does Height factor into anything?

Taller people tend to have it a bit better. The taller you are the more likely people are to listen to you which makes sense in a celebrity point of view since the taller a celebrity is the more money they make. This is especially true for male celebrities. One small factoid is that the taller you are the more likely you are to go on to post-secondary education. Although it is subtle, for some unknown reason unconscious bias may be at play among educators.  As if that isn't enough, the taller you are the better your romantic life is as well. Although with females, height is not as much a change of factor in anything else, with males the taller they are their rate of happiness goes up as well as their self-esteem. The scary part of all of this is that shorter people tend to view themselves more negatively as well as a variety of factors which includes a reduced sense of status and self-esteem as well as an increased sense of paranoia. All of these factors align to say that people sure do have it a lot better off if they are taller. Good luck to all you short people out there. 

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"How do you feel right now?"


"Of what are u most proud of?"

"Getting on stage for the first time!"


" I'm a singing fun-loving cat lady. Who loves to make people laugh. I also double as a writer!"

"What is your favorite movie?"

"I LOVE "The Breakfast Club"

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