Neil Armstrong - The First to Walk and Land on the Moon

     Neil Armstrong was an American astronaut who has lived from 1930 – 2012 and has become the first person to both land and walk on the moon. Armstrong had accomplished so much during his lifetime that everyone should know about. In 1958, he was selected for the US Air Force’s Man in Space Soonest program and later in 1962; he was later selected for the Apollo program. The program aimed to put a man in space and land on the moon. In John F. Kennedy’s address to Congress on May 25, 1961, he had put landing on the moon as his primary goal. Armstrong was then chosen on December of 1968 to be the commander for Apollo 11, which was going to be the first planned mission to dock and land on the moon. He made a successful landing on the moon’s surface on July 21, 1969, which was definitely a memorable moment to everyone watching. When he and the two other men returned, they became heroes to the US and the world. Neil Armstrong eventually died on August 25, 2012, at the age of 82 from coronary complications.

      Therefore, Armstrong is one of the people who has impacted the world from doing something special that would make him a hero for the US. He has made so many achievements over the years and the one that really amazed and impacted people was when he landed and walked on the moon. He made it a notch higher than the Soviets of when they got into space, which was definitely one of the biggest moments in history. He was able to make it into outer space, land and walk on the moon, and make a successful trip back on earth. There are probably other astronauts that look up to him as the first to land and walk on the moon. Armstrong would definitely be an American astronaut and hero that hopefully everyone would remember for years to come.

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