Meet the Teacher - Pastor Downey

Meet our pastor at First Love Christian Academy. We call him Pastor Downey and he has been working at this school for 7 years. He was born on September 9th, 1947 in Waynesburg, PA. pastor said he grew up all over PA. One of the places he grew up was in South Fayette Township.

Pastor Downey went to Bishop Canevin High School in the Crafton neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After high school, pastor’s desire was to pursue child psychology. He attended various colleges from Allegheny Community College, Greater Grace World Outreach, Moody Bible Institute and Light University. Then he got certified in pastor counseling through the American Association of Christian Counselors

Pastor said his fondest memory was his daughter being born. He said “I was in a state of shock for like a whole week.” A big turning point in his life is when he had a dangerous accident. It was a big turning point in his life because that is what turned him towards Christ. I asked pastor if turning to God was a good idea, and he said “it was the best decision I ever made in my life.”  He said starting a relationship with Christ has had a very positive effect on him. He mentioned he had found a new capacity to love and be loved. He also has felt an overwhelming sense of peace joy, and contentment.

Our pastor found out about First Love from a friend of Dr. Miller. Dr. Miller is the superintendent of the school. The man that told pastor about Dr. Miller said that there was a woman that had a vision for a Christian high school. Pastor was interested in the idea and wanted to learn more about it, so he contacted Dr. Miller and asked her to come speak at his church about it. He loved the idea and wanted in and promised to be praying for her vision.

Some of pastor’s other jobs have been with the Pittsburgh Press and the Post-Gazette, where he was a district manager and an assistant district manager. He pastored and counseled at churches for 30 years. He also owned a construction company for 20 years. His favorite job of them all has been working for the Lord.

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