Dork Diaries Poem

Dork Diaries

    Nikki is a teen who is very shy.

    She does not need to worry about the lies.

    Nikki is creative and likes to do art

    Even when life gets hard


    Nikki walks around with pigtails

    Everyone can pretty much tell

    She even has a t-shirt and jeans

    That makes her look like a teen

    Nikki is really caring about her friends

    She gave them fake tattoos for pretend

    The friends went on the trip

    Excitedly as they skipped

    McKenzie is ignored by Nikki

    McKenzie is also mean which is no biggy

    There is lots of gossip around

    It makes Nikki really frown.

    Nikki is really quite

    Who makes friends get excited

    Nikki ends up talking more

    She is no longer bored.

I love to make videos and edit!!! 

I also love to write articles!!!

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